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Own production

RN Solutions production in GuangDong, China


In early 2017 RN Solutions established their own production in China.


For several years we purchased standard light fixtures and made adjustments on these to use in farm environments.

The quality was fluctuating, so we decided to start up our own production.

The production today is, in collaboration with an experienced electronics manufacturer, which we have worked with before.

This set-up means that we now can produce our very own products, and always be sure about the quality. We also guarantee that our customers can get replacement components for many years to come, as well as connectors and cables, etc., to suit previous models.

It also allows us to develop new products as well as make custom made productions.


Now we can do the special process of coating/sealing the LED diodes, as well as molding the transformers, etc.

To coat/seal the LED diodes, we use a special-coating, which is developed for the US military to protect their electronics under any strain. It is a special product that provides the best possible protection of electronics.


Along with the start of our own production, we are now able to continue our development and focus on making products that can withstand the harsh environments, which you see in animal houses and in the food industry, etc.

Therefore, our warranty also applies in these environments.


Design and development takes place in Denmark, in close cooperation with our Chinese business partner.

Transformers ready for casting

Miscellaneous goods and components ready for production

Our management team in China

LED luminaires undergoing "aging test", where they are quality tested for 24 hours before being packed and shipped