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LED lights for agriculture

We help with the selection and location of light sources, so you get the right light – the right place

Pig stables

LED-solutions for pig stables

Prevent poor reproduction and achieve better welfare for animals and people with stable lighting that meets the recommendations of veterinarians and leading international advisers. As well as experiences from home and abroad.

Cattle stables

LED-solutions for cattle stables

Achieve better animal welfare and reproduction while saving money. Achieve better animal welfare and reproduction while saving money. LED stool fixtures and bucket lamps are made for stable environments. They can withstand larger amounts of dust and water, and can be high-pressure washed.

Poultry stables

LED-solutions for poultry stables

Poultry requires light that can be dimmed and absolutely not flicker (flicker). RNS LED MODULAR dimmable luminaires, made especially for poultry, where dimming without flickering has been the main focus.

Prevent poor reproduction and achieve better welfare, for both animals and humans

… while saving money. LED stable fixtures and wall fittings from RN Solutions, are made for stable environments. They can withstand large amounts of dust and water, and can be high-pressure washed.

With RN Solutions specially designed light concepts for stables, you get:

  • Optimal lighting with fittings or fixtures
  • Easy installation – optional PLUG N’PLAY solution, which can easily be installed by the farmer or the usual electrician. Or our luminaires for fixed installation, with PUSH IN clamps
  • Significant savings on electricity bills – typically 50-80% per year, depending on the current lighting
  • Long-term solution:
    • 2 – 7 years warranty
    • 50,000 hours of service life
    • All equipment is waterproof and has special coating against ammonia

RN Solutions provides the best service


– light for better heat in sow stables

It is now widely acknowledged that better lighting in the heat- / control stable, gives better reproduction. We have over 700,000 sows at home and abroad that are illuminated by our system.

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If you need special solutions, we can also make them at our factory in China – also smaller productions.

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In Tylstrup in Vendsyssel, Henrik and Michael Basso Sørensen have achieved a saving of DKK 18,000 / year in one barn with an investment of DKK 21,500. Unpacking and mounting of the lighting in the stable took a total of 2.5 hours.

Hurtig og nem installering

Se disse små korte videoer, hvor vi viser hvor holdbare armaturerne er. Samt hvor nemt og hurtigt RNS Plug’N Play™ konceptet monteres.