Our FARM-Light LED fixture with RNS Plug´N Play™ system

Mount yourself. It’s waterproof IP67

Our new STEALTH High Bay withstands large amounts of dust and water

Unique design, as only one on the market. Approved for agriculture and provides a fantastic light distribution

LED provides more - and better light

And a power saving of approx. 50-80%

It's especially important to have good lighting in the milking parlor

Good lighting with a long lifetime, provides great savings as well as happy employees


Prevent poor reproduction and achieve better animal welfare while saving money. LED luminaries and High Bays are made for stable environments. They withstand large amounts of dust and water, and can be high-pressure.


With RN Solutions especially designed light concepts for livestock farms, you get:


  • Optimal lighting
    with fittings or fixtures


  • Easy installation
    optional Plug´N Play solution, which can easily be installed by the farmer or the usual electrician. Or our luminaires for fixed installation, with PUSH IN clamps


  • Significant savings on electricity bills
    typically 50-80% per year, depending on the current lighting


  • Long-term solution
    • 5 – 10 years warranty
    • 50,000 or 100,000 hours of service life
    • All equipment is waterproof and has special coating against ammonia


In Sønderholm, close to Aalborg, Ewald Kristensen from Sydgaarden has achieved a saving of DKK 25,000 / year. Return of investment is 2.5 years. At the same time, the light has improved and required less maintenance.

Quick and easy installation

Watch these short videos, showing how durable our luminaires are. As well as how easy and fast the RNS Plug´N Play ™ concept is mounted.