Do you save electricity by switching to LED?
On the LED in general you save 60-80%, depending on the starting point and type of luminaire – as simple as that.
Can LED withstand "hard" environments?

Our RNS LED Lights is special-coated and the transformers are “cast” together in silicone. It is made for tough loads and therefore it has a long lasting life.

The aluminum profile makes the luminaire strong and diverts the heat better. The LED is in general not very fond of heat.

Is the plug hardy enough? - Usually plugs are not good in farm environment?

All our sockets are co-molded so that moisture can’t get inside the connectors. The connectors themselves are waterproof and have an O-ring. We have sold them for several years without any problems.

Is it legal and can you assemble yourself?

Yes, our RNS Plug´N Play™ system is CE approved and the connectors, you are allowed to assemble yourself. A bit like extension cords. It is a system of luminaires with belonging cables. This means that you can assemble it all by yourself, with our power plug in the socket. Alternatively, you can mount it all by yourself and then get a local electrician to mount the first cable. It is 3G 1.5mm2 cable and therefore it is also approved for “Fixed installation”. Cables come with and without rodent protection.

The other luminaires are what you call “fixed installation” and must only be fitted/set up by an electrician.

Production country

It is Danish Designed and developed. Most of our products are produced at our own factory in China, with Danish management, which we started in 2017. It is our moulds and approvals. This allows us to guarantee consistent quality with the latest technology at a reasonable price. In addition, we guarantee that you can get spare parts, connectors and other parts, also in the future.

Is the product new?

We have sold it for 5 years and have continuously improved and optimized the product. 90% of what we sell is for the agricultural segment and therefore high demands are placed on durability.


See References.

Can energy subsidies be sought?

Yes, usually if there is not applied for it before. However, it depends entirely on the individual calculation.

RN Solutions is happy to collaborate with your own Energy Consultant and we can refer to serious collaborators. RN Solutions does not make such calculations.

Is it cheaper to buy LED tubes to replace in your old fixtures?

LED tubes are cheap. However, history has shown that if existing luminaires have been used for max. 5 years in eg. a pig stable, then they are worn out. Heat along with ammonia and moisture impact makes the tubes fragile and therefore it is not worth replacing. After 5 years, the luminaires are often leaky and when ammonia penetrates to the ordinary LED tubes it makes the lifetime of the tubes very short. Therefore, it is important not to have LED tubes in open old luminaires.

In addition, the coil in existing neon tube fittings also uses power. In this case, the coil must be disconnected by an electrician and then the calculation is destroyed. Furthermore, both the Danish Security Agency and the EU advises not to renovate old luminaires as it is in hard to say which lamp manufacturer is: electrician / original manufacturer, insurance issues, etc.

See links from, among other things, Safety Agency:



Does the LED produce as good a light as neon?

The quality of LED light is now fully in line with neon tubes and often better. We apply a “Ra” value of min. 80. Our luminaires are well-protected against electronic noise (EMC) and do not affect antennas or ear scanners, etc.

Our luminaires do not flicker and is available with full dimming for eg. poultry without flicker.

How is the distribution of the LED light?

The light scattering of LED is often different from other light sources, but if the supplier has a wide knowledge along with great experience, you can for example compensate by placing the luminaires differently.

However, you cannot completely compare LED light with other light sources. E.g. a neon tube spreads 360 degrees, but since there is no reflectors on stable fittings, the top 180 degrees will not give a useful light and therefore you will not be able to count as many lumens.

Our luminaires usually scatter 120 degrees, which is quite normal and nice considered lights mounted in 3 m. height, as well as to our light above the sows.

For stables with lower ceiling, we have our V-luminaire with double LED stripes. It spreads 300 degrees and gives a really good light scattering.


Most products are on stock and can be delivered day to day.

For smaller deliveries in Denmark and Europe we use GLS, which supplies from day to day.

For pallet delivery, we often use ALPI transport or DSV.

For lake and air transport we often use DSV.

The luminaires Economic, Premium, Spotlights, and Dimmable Luminaires are not always on stock. Please, contact us for informations regarding delivery time.

There is often always goods on it’s way to our stock.


All RN Solutions LED luminaires and accessories are CE approved as a minimum. Most of our products also have the “D marking” as well as the demanding CCC labels to China and UL / ETL to North America.

In addition, IES files have been made for light calculation on all of our luminaires.

Please, ask for the certificates you may need.

IES / DiaLux files

We will be happy to make light calculations if needed.

However, we know our products very well, so often we can advise on the number of luminaires, etc. for a given lux power without making a determined light calculation.


We provide from 2 to 7 years of full warranty on all our products. The number of years is mentioned in the product sheet for the individual product.

Please be aware, because some manufacturers does not offer full warranty on stable environments like with ammonia for example.

Cable lengths for the RNS Plug´N Play™ system


Product Length Watt/lm Max number/string* Spread
RNS FarmLight:  
A1504/625FP 150 cm 25w 20 120°
AF1504/640P 150 cm 40w 12 120°
RNS Modular:  
AM1204/618P 120 cm 18w 44 120°
AM1504/625P 150 cm 25w 32 120°
AMV1504/640P 150 cm 40w 20 300°
AM190630P 190 cm 30w 26 120°
AM240640P 240 cm 40w 20 120°


* Main rule below 100 m. cable incl. fixtures.

(In principle there may be more, but we work with a safety margin).


If we reach over 100 m. in total, we will calculate it.

In large stables, the junction box/lamp socket is often placed in the middle of the stable, and “runs” to both sides.

Can I buy directly from you

We sell directly to customers all over the world.

Alternatively, you can purchase our products through your local electrician. Your local electrician is more than welcome to contact us.

We have different dealers in other countries. Please, contact us and we can probably refer to the dealer.