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Production facilities at Washpower A/S

Glenn Pedersen, director Washpower A/S, says: ”We are very satisfied with the positive effect the correct lighting has on a good working environment, while saving energy”

Our new STEALTH High Bay - ideal for food industry and buildings with a lot of dust

Withstand high amounts of dust and water – can be washed with high pressure IP69K – as well as good light scattering

Our MODULAR LED luminaire with RNS Plug´N Play™ system

Mount yourself. It’s waterproof IP67

LED gives more - and better light

And a power saving of approx. 50-80%

Low ceilings or high ceilings

We’ve got the solution


The working environment should be good. Lighting and maintenance is an important factor in this regard. At the same time you save 50-80% electricity and the equivalent amount of CO2, when replacing regular fixtures with RNS LED.

RNS INDUSTRIAL LIGHTS is EMC approved and does not affect various electronic equipment. They withstand high pressure cleaning, and are therefore also suitable for food industry. RN Solutions offer light calculation and deliver LED luminaires to any project.


With RN Solutions specially designed light concepts for industry, you get:


  • Easy installation
    our price-efficient Plug´N Play ™ solution, easy to install by staff or the usual electrical installer. Or our luminaires for fixed installation, with PUSH IN clamps


  • Significant savings on electricity bills
    typically 50-80% per year, depending on the current lighting


  • Long-term solution
    • 5 – 10 years warranty
    • 50,000 or 100,000 hours of service life
    • All equipment is waterproof and is corrosion-protected and may be exposed to salt, ammonia, detergents and certain acids, etc.
DTL A / S in Padborg is Denmark’s largest animal transport washing area. They have changed all their lighting to LED from RN Solutions.

Director Thorsten Simonsen says: “We have gained significantly more light, while saving electricity – pure win win situation”.

Quick and easy installation

Watch these short videos, showing how durable our luminaires are. As well as how easy and fast the RNS Plug´N Play ™ concept is mounted.