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Smart Light Products for Industry and Agriculture

NRX Smart Light Controller System

Professional lighting controls for Industry and Agriculture

Based on many years of technical experience in industrial product development, NewRoniX brings innovative IoT solutions with easily accessible user interfaces.
We use the latest technology within cloud and internet to make easy-to-use Smart Products. The innovative and scalable solution supports easy management of agriculture of all sizes, with a focus on sustainability as well as improved productivity.


With NewRoniX professional lighting controls for Industry and Agriculture, you get:


  • Control via Wifi with App
    Simple controller with App on a mobile device


  • Reliable design
    Proven components for operation-critical functions


  • Supplied App
    Easy and simple App developed especially for NRX Lighting Controls. Easy to use with only the necessary functions


  • Program yourself:
    • Timer function
    • Calendar function
    • Brightness
    • External events/conditions
    • Sunrise / Sunset