Our story

RN Solutions

RN Solutions was founded in 2013/2014. The business idea came when Rune Nielsen was traveling abroad and found out that a few places in Europe, they illuminate sows in the service/gestation section, and how much this improved the reproduction of the sows.
The farmer, Rune Nielsen, was sure this could be done more efficiently and easier. Therefore, he devised a solution with his experienceas a farmer and approach to productivity versus investment. Rune knew that the investment should be earned back quickly, along with simpleness and durability of the product. As a result, Rune, via his network in Asia, now created a solution with LED luminaires, which could be easily mounted via special connectors and directly on the stalls. It removed the light to the head of the sows. The farmer himself or the electrician should be able to assemble the product very easily.

The product; “SOW-Light” quickly became popular and widespread in Denmark. Not through advertisements, but through Pig managements consultants and veterinarians, who saw the improvements in the reproduction of sows.

The idea that, the farmer should be able to mount the light fixtures themselves, even with a Plug´N Play cable was so appealing to the farmers that the concept quickly developed into the other types of pig farm productions. Furthermore, it also developed into diary farms and milking parlors, poultry farms and other industries such as: car lifts, workshops and lights for construction sites, scaffolding, etc.

In order to ensure consistent quality and stable production, as well as rapid development of new products, RN Solutions established in 2017 own production in China. Designed and developed in Denmark, but produced with the reduced costs and the great know-how they have in Asia, when talking about the light and LED products.

Today, RN Solutions sell their light concepts to more than 20 countries in most of the world. In some of these countries, a great retail network has been established. The “SOW-Light” concept now illuminates more than 800,000 sows worldwide.
In the beginning we produced other “inventions” for the pig production, however today we mainly focus on lighting products.
New unique light products has been added and the products all have these things in common: durability, good light, easy to assemble and for “reasonable” prices.
In addition, most products can be used in “hard” environments such as farm/animal houses. They withstands high impact of ammonia, chemicals, dust, moisture, etc. The products are also very clean-friendly (waterproof IP66 / 67). Therefore, also suitable for the food industry, car and truck wash etc.

RN Solutions supply directly to farmers / customers, but also through electricians and dealers. The range consists of light products installed by Plug´N Play, but also for fixed installations, which must be carried out by a professional.

RN Solutions products are approved / certified for sale throughout Europe (CE / D marking), but also the extensive certifications in China (CCC) and North America (UL / ETL).

Rune Q. Nielsen

CEO / Founder of RN Solutions.

“Front mover” in the development of energy savings in pig production / agriculture.

Has previously managed a pig production in Northern Jutland, Denmark with 1650 sows and approx. 500 ha. arable land.
For a number of years, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Danish Pig Producers and a trading company and is a member of the EPP (European Pig Producers) organization. Former member of the pig production committee and participated actively in agricultural organizational work.