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Privacy Policy

When using, data is gathered, including anonymous data and sometimes personal information that you consent to share. Personal information may cover your email address and your IP address as well as your name if you consent.

We store personal data only as long as we have a legal obligation to do so or as long as it is relevant to publish, for example, newsletters or keep your forum profile active. If you stop visiting or unsubscribe or withdraw your previously agreed consent, we will no longer retain personal information.

By using you accept our privacy policy.

You have the right to gain insight into the personal information that deals with about you. You also have the right to object to this by contacting

We reserve the right to update and amend privacy policy. If this would cause significant changes, we will inform you accordingly.

What we collect (cookies)

When you visit us, we collect anonymous data for statistics. This statistic is used as data basis and helps us optimize the page and content. No personal data is obtained in this process.

When creating a profile or registering the newsletter on, personal data is collected. Profiles or registrations will always be associated with your chosen email address unless you choose to associate with a social media. When creating a profile, other personal data can also be obtained. uses cookies, which are small code files that are stored on your hard disk through your browser. Cookies are automatically deleted after one to several months, but renewed during visits. Cookies are used for the following:

Technical functionality, including user login, so you do not have to enter your username and code every time
Traffic measurement in anonymous form
Advertising through partner systems, including targeted and general ads
The following services are used:

Google Analytics (Traffic Measurement) uses Google Analytics for anonymous traffic measurement.

Google Tag Manager (click metric) uses Google Tag Manager for anonymized click measurement.

DoubleClick (ad system) uses DoubleClick to handle display of ads.

Adsense (ads) uses Adsense to run targeted ads.

Disqus (commentary system) uses Disqus as a commentary in news and articles. Comments can be commented anonymously or by creating user account. Disqus has its own privacy policy.

phpBB (forum system) uses phpBB as a forum system. A user account is required for writing in forums. If you have a previewer, you can see which personal data is registered in the user control panel. In addition, the IP address of all posts is stored in order to avoid spam and cheating in the purchase / sales forum. The IP address is not linked to other personal information in either forum or other systems.

Cloud Flare (cache & CDN) uses Cloudflare for cache service. This ensures faster access to the website as well as protection with DoS attack (Denial of Service).

Other cookies

For ad campaigns, it may be necessary to set a cookie to complete the ad as intended. These may vary from one campaign to another.