LED lighting for private

Sales to privat costumers

We also sell to private costumers, however not on our webshop, so please contact us by mail or phone to make your order.

Affordable industry quality. Check out our website and see if we have a product that fits your needs.

With or without our RNS Plug´N Play™ system, which everyone can mount.

Often we have good deals. See “OFFERS”.

LED luminaires with "genuine" Plug´N Play™

Cables in various sizes and dimensions

Start Cable to "start" a series of light

Many of our luminaires are so-called system luminaires.

This means you’re allowed to mount the luminaires yourself. Not in junction boxes, but preferably in the socket and then use the supplied system cables between the luminaires.

System cables with "genuine" Plug´N Play™

– And they are waterproof

3G 0,75mm2


Small LED light, ideal for eaves and other places which doesn’t require much light

Our LED luminaires are easy to mount

Wire mounting is a simple and quick solution

Aluminum fitting for LED Plug´N Play™ luminaire mounting

Easy and durable

Aluminum LED luminaire, with powerful cables

3G 1,5mm2 rodent-proof cables

End plug for the end of a "series"

For 3G 1,5mm2 cables and luminaires

Plug´N Play™ high quality strong cables

3G 1,5mm2, with or without rodent-proofing


This way you can build your own cable system – just like LEGO

Quick and easy installation

See these short videos, showing how durable luminaires are. Also how easy and fast the RNS Plug´N Play™ concept is mounted.

“It is difficult to find durable light fixtures. Most are either very expensive or in poor quality. Furthermore they cannot handle moisture and impact as there most likely are in a garage or an outhouse. The LED luminaires from RN Solutions can handle both moisture and impact, and are just incredibly easy to mount.”

Michael Mortensen, No. Kongerslev