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RN Solutions has a large number of resellers in large parts of the world – both electricians, farming companies and more

See the list below to find our resellers in different countries and continents:

Danbauer GmbH
HGV-Electro GmbH
Michael Steinbach – Elektroinstallationen

If you wish to know more about resellers in your area, please contact us: or +45 9838 5995

If you’re an electrician, and brand new at RN Solutions, feel free to contact us. We assist with placement and the choice of lights. We also offer light calculation when required.

If you wish to become a reseller, please click on the link below, to read more.

“We get better light, lower power consumption and fewer maintenance costs compared to other solutions”

Morten Rasmussen, Pig Production Manager at Poldanor

“RN Solutions worklight is the best light we have tried. Smooth and good distribution of light without aperture. At the same time it is very flexible, durable and easy to set up “

Michael Lund, Lund & Staun

DTL A / S in Padborg is Denmark’s largest animal transport hall. We have changed all our lighting for LED from RN Solutions 2 years ago. Director Thorsten Simonsen comments: We have gained significantly more light, while saving power – i.e pure win win situation.
In Tylstrup in Vendsyssel, Henrik and Michael Basso have achieved a saving of DKK 18,000 / year in one barn with an investment of DKK 21,500. Unpacking and mounting of the lighting in the stable took a total of 2.5 hours
Kurt Nielsen, Maskingaarden, at Nibe in North Jutland has used LED luminaires from RN Solutions for several years. It is very easy and fast, even to mount. We save money and have also got a good working light. Only problem is just that there are too dark places where we have not yet replaced the lighting, he adds.
Michael Smits, Støvring Dækcenter, in Nordjylland has used RNS Lift lights from RN Solutions for several years. It is very easy and fast, even to mount. We save money and have a good working light under the cars as they hang on the lifts, he adds.
“Our customers have been very pleased with the opportunity to rent scaffolding, with a good working light, fitted and ready for use”.

Jens Pedersen, Hjørring Stilladsudlejning A / S

At Allindemaglegården in Zealand, Kim Kjær Knudsen has achieved a saving of DKK 25,000 per year when he built a new energy-friendly slaughterhouse. The cost of migrating to LED was minimal, as Kim and his people chose to mount the RNS PlugNplay ™ system fittings.
In Sønderholm, by Aalborg, Ewald Kristensen, Sydgaarden, has achieved a saving of DKK 25,000 / year. ROI in this caase was 2.5 years. At the same time, the light has improved and required less maintenance.
At Dueholm Æg bySkanderborg, the family Poulsen has established dimmable LED lighting from RN Solutions. All light sources and cables are RNS plugNplay system. Fitted by the Group’s own employees.