Sales terms - RN solutions

Sales terms

General: Any trade agreement concluded by RN Solutions ApS, CVR 35810838, is subject to the present terms and conditions of sale. No agreement or obligation that deviates from this will be accepted, unless expressly and in writing confirmed by RN Solutions ApS. Current sales and delivery terms are considered accepted at the buyer’s order.

Offers and Orders: RN Solutions ApS’s offerings are based on the prices of raw materials, consumables, labor, freight, insurance, duty rates and exchange rates, etc. at the time of submission. Reservations are subject to subsequent price increases that are outside RN Solutions’ control. The deliveries only include the parts, works and services specifically mentioned in the offer or order confirmation.

Payment Options: RN Solutions’ webshop receives Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Bank Transfer.

Payment terms for items ordered in the Webshop: The amount is deducted from the customer’s account upon shipment of the goods, unless otherwise stated.

Payment terms, other: Normal terms of goods delivered in Denmark are 7 days net. International: Prepayment, unless otherwise agreed.

Description and drawings: The RN Solutions ApS or its suppliers’ sales materials include illustrations, capabilities, dimensions, dimensions, prices, technical, and other data are approximate and binding only if the agreement explicitly refers to them. RN Solutions reserves the right to modifications in design, etc. without prior notice. All drawings and technical documents about products left to the buyer remain RN Solutions property and must be returned if a delivery agreement is not concluded. Such material may not be used by the buyer, copied, reproduced, transferred to third parties or otherwise brought to its knowledge without the written permission of RN Solutions.

Product Changes: RN Solutions ApS reserves the right to make continuous product and design changes in relation to the supplied drawing materials, etc., if the product sold meets the agreed standards, etc., so that existing changes do not cause any altered functionality or other disadvantage to the buyer.

Buyer’s Services: When otherwise not agreed in writing, the delivery covers exclusively the product sold by RN Solutions ApS. If other work, such as the establishment or alteration of installations for electricity, water and oil, construction work by any means such as, for example, carpentry and masonry work or any other form of secondary work is necessary for the buyer’s use of the delivery, such works, including drawings, are performed by the buyer and for his account and risk. All expenses for actions mentioned, including material costs, are RN Solutions ApS unauthorized. RN Solutions ApS is not responsible for claims made by the authorities, eg. according to environmental legislation, fire legislation, building legislation or any other legislation not specifically related to the RN Solutions ApS product. It is therefore the responsibility of the buyer to obtain, afford and bear the responsibility for any necessary permits from authorities and others in connection with the installation, installation and operation of the installation.

Any electrical diagrams, foundation, building and layout drawings performed by RN Solutions ApS are for guidance only and not to be regarded as working drawings.

Installation work: If RN Solutions ApS is responsible for the delivery of the delivery, or in full or in part, a written agreement will be drawn up describing the RN Solutions and buyer’s services, including payment terms, respectively, and a specific date for RN Solutions ApS’s commencement of assembly work will be determined and a specific date when the buyer’s own services must be completed.

In case of delays or deficiencies with regard to the purchaser’s such services, RN Solutions imposes increased costs compared to the order confirmed, such costs are paid in cash in cash, as well as the buyer is obliged to pay agreed rates at original maturity.

Delivery time of goods ordered in the Webshop: If the item is in stock, it will be shipped within 2 business days. So the recipient will normally receive delivery within 3 working days in Denmark. Other Europe 5-10 business days.

Delivery and shipping, other: Agreed delivery times require that RN Solutions ApS have timely received all necessary information, drawings, etc. necessary for the execution of the order. The risk will be transferred to the buyer, unless otherwise agreed, ex works RN Solutions business location. Shipment takes place at the buyer’s expense and risk, and the buyer is obliged to subscribe for necessary transport insurance, unless otherwise agreed in the individual case.

All stated delivery times are approximates, and any delivery time exceeded does not warrant buyer for cancellation of an order. Warnings, firearms, strikes, lock-outs, transportation barriers and force majeure are reserved. Other conditions such as lack of labor, delayed subcontractor, or similar events that cause RN Solutions to not effect or delay the order relieves RN Solutions for delivery and liability. No damages of any kind will be granted in case of delayed delivery, unless in the individual case this has been agreed in writing by RN Solutions ApS. RN Solutions ApS has the right to make partial deliveries.

Property: The goods and services delivered remain the property of RN Solutions ApS until payment for the entire delivery has taken place.

Returns: Goods are only returned by prior agreement and only within 30 days of delivery date, for new and undamaged goods minus min. 15% of the invoice price and return costs.

Complaints: Complaints must be filed within 8 days of receipt of goods or invoice. RN Solutions ApS has the right to rectify or replace defective goods. Defective parts will be sent to RN Solutions ApS on request and for RN Solutions. Compensation parts are delivered freely by RN Solutions ApS. In addition to delivery of replacement parts, RN Solutions assumes no obligations in connection with the exchange. For LED luminaires, RN Solutions ApS grants 24 months’ warranty (if not otherwise stated) from the date of delivery. Outside of the right of complaint, deficiencies due to wear, inadvertent or careless treatment and nuisance, and damage caused by incorrect assembly or non-compliance with operating regulations, fall due. In addition to the above, RN Solutions ApS has no liability as a result of identified deficiencies and can not be held liable for damage to property, loss of production, operating losses or other losses that may arise due to the shortcomings and disadvantages that arise in connection with the repair of the defect.

Supplier responsibility: For personal injury that is proved solely due to erroneous construction, production or assembly by RN Solutions ApS, the Product Liability Act applies. RN Solutions ApS’s products may not be resold for non-commercial use without special agreement in each case. Damage damages will only be compensated if it is proved that the damage has been caused by gross negligence at RN Solutions ApS in the design, production, subcontracting or assembly work, if assembly has been carried out by RN Solutions. RN Solutions’ liability covers only direct property damage and thus no loss of earnings, operating losses or other indirect losses. For damage caused by installations that are being expanded, replaced or used for use other than the one to which the system was originally delivered, RN Solutions is solely responsible if the change is made by or approved by RN Solutions. To the extent that the buyer or the person to whom the buyer transfers it has taken out insurance, any liability for RN Solutions shall expire. To the extent that RN Solutions may be subject to product liability against third parties, the buyer is obliged to keep RN Solutions harmless to the same extent as RN Solutions’ liability is limited. If a third party claims claims against one of the parties for liability, that party shall immediately inform the other party accordingly. RN Solutions and the buyer are mutually obliged to sue in the court which is seeking compensation claims against one of them on the basis of an injury allegedly caused by the delivery.

Final provisions: The jurisdiction of any dispute that may arise in connection with delivery and payment is RN Solutions Residence. In the event that one or more of the above provisions may be invalid or misinterpreted by the courts, it does not concern the validity of the other provisions of the above-mentioned sales and delivery terms for RN Solutions.