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Increase productivity in your cattle production with LED lighting.

In Sønderholm near Aalborg, Ewald Kristensen, Sydgaarden, achieved an annual savings of 25,000 DKK. The installation paid for itself within 2.5 years.

At the same time, the lighting in the barns has improved, and there is less maintenance.
Møldrup, Denmark

Cattle and Milking Barn

RN Solutions' LED barn fixtures and panel lamps are designed for barn environments

With the special coating of the fixtures and lamps, they are waterproof and very easy to clean, as they can be pressure washed. Additionally, they tolerate large amounts of dust.


  • Optimal lighting with stable fixtures or shed lamps
  • Easy installation - either with RN Solutions' cost-effective RNS Plug'N Play™ solution, which can be easily installed by the farmer himself or by an electrician, or with RN Solutions' fixtures for permanent installation with PUSH-IN clamps
  • Significant savings on the electricity bill - typically 50-80% per year depending on the current lighting
  • Durable and robust solution
  • Minimum 5 years warranty on the products
  • 50,000 - 88,000 hours lifespan
  • All equipment is waterproof, resistant to disinfection, dust, and has a special coating against ammonia.


The milking parlor is where the most hours are worked each year on a dairy farm. Therefore, the work environment must be in order. Light and maintenance are important factors in this regard.

  • RN Solutions' stable fixture is well protected against electronic noise EMC and does not affect antennas, ear tag scanners, etc.
  • An easy and economical upgrade of an older milking parlor - which pays back in a short time, due to the long lifespan and low energy consumption.
  • Better animal welfare.
  • Better working environment for your employees.

Optimization with light

Darkness increases melatonin production in the brain and light inhibits it. Therefore, it's important to have both light and darkness to maintain a regular circadian rhythm. The hormone melatonin is known as the "darkness hormone," as it is produced when it's dark, i.e., at night and to a greater extent in winter than in summer, if not supplemented with daylight.

A disrupted circadian rhythm occurs when there is too little light during the day, and/or if it is light at night. This blurs the boundaries between day and night, negatively affecting fertility, lifespan, and overall health.

Light increases the secretion of prolactin which in turn increases the growth hormone IGF-1.

In the udder, it helps reduce cell death and stimulates cell growth and milk synthesis.

Gold cows have the opposite response to light. Melatonin levels have an indirect significance for the regeneration of milk cells (requires more darkness).

It is difficult to create 8-16 light-dark conditions, but perhaps make your own light circuit in this barn section.

Optimal lighting is: 8 hours with 150-200 lux.


Our lux recommendations are based on more than 10 years of experience with lighting for cattle.

- We have gathered extensive knowledge from various institutions such as, Seges, DTU, various advisors and international universities, veterinarians, and other lighting companies, but most importantly practical concrete experiences from several thousand dairy producers.

With the right level of lighting, we can:

  • Increase the cows' performance
  • Increase reproduction
  • Increase growth in calves and young cattle
  • Other side effects - health and improved observation conditions
  • Improved working environment

It often requires:

  • More light sources and/or better light control using NRX lighting control
  • Need for additional lighting from August to March to achieve 16 hours of light with 200 lux
Vindinggård, Denmark
At Virkelyst Landbrug, Gregers Kristensen installed new LED lighting from RN Solutions.

"It took only 2 hours to install it in the milking parlor, and it has significantly improved the working environment," says Gregers.
Lighting control with

Intelligent and user-friendly lighting control of the highest quality

Innovative user-friendly lighting control from NewRoniX with easy setup and advanced features

In cattle barns, dimmable light sources and intelligent lighting control are advantageous as they optimize production and reduce energy consumption. Light influences milk yield and improves reproduction, while also enhancing the working environment.

*NOTE - the lifespan of light sources is extended when they are dimmed.

With lighting control from NewRoniX, you achieve optimal illumination, precise and uniform light dimming, and save at least 50% energy with "smart" control. You can manage and program the lighting with your smartphone via Wi-Fi. NRX 5231W can also function as a Wi-Fi access point if Wi-Fi is not available. With lighting control, you have the option to connect and control up to 3 separate light groups.


  • Intelligent and user-friendly top-class lighting control for agriculture and industry
  • Advanced algorithm for brightness and ON/OFF control
  • Daylight function: sunrise/sunset
  • 3 output groups that can be controlled independently
  • Relay function supporting ON/OFF, max 16A
  • 0-10V dimmable
  • Programmable for an automated light schedule ("AUTO")
  • Real-time measurement of LUX level with LUXMETER
  • Connection of up to 4x LUXMETER NRX51100i - with CAT5/CAT6 cables

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