In Tylstrup in Denmark, Henrik og Michael Basso have achieved a saving of Euro 2,500/year in one barn with an investment of 2,900 Euro. Unpacking and mounting of the lighting in the section took a total of 2.5 hours
"Really good light and durable fixtures. I have gradually replaced the fixtures in most of my warehouses with LED fixtures from RN Solutions"
Director Ronnie Kristensen
CM Biomass
Jacob fjord Ørskov - Ørskov Agro states: "For us, the lighting control system provides many advantages. There is light in the barn when we arrive in the morning, and we don't have to worry about turning it off in the evening when we leave." - With the brand new lighting control system, Jacob Fjord Ørskov has achieved an electricity savings of up to 24.000 DKK per year.
“We actually set up most of it ourselves because RN Solutions has that Plug´N Play technology with their lighting. At the same time, their lighting can slo withstand the environment in the barn, so that's why we chose to collaborate.”
Henrik Bovbjerg
Director and co-owner of Bovbjerg Økologi & Bovbjerg Genetics

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