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Easy installation with or without RNS Plug´N Play


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LED-lighting-solutions for farm buildings

Prevent poor production and achieve better welfare, for animals and humans, while saving money. We think the placement of light along with better productivity.

Our LED fixtures are made for agriculture. All products are special-coated and are protected against ammonia and moisture. Also waterproof and can be washed with high pressure.

High Bays in a unique design, made for animal house environments. Withstands large quantities of dust and water, as well as providing optimal scattering.

Easy assembly, including RNS Plug´N Play ™ system.


Car shop

RNS Liftlights are available for all types of car lifts. Gives a powerful but comfortable light without dazzling. We have LED luminaires that are perfect for lifts and which won’t interfere with the workspace.

RN Solutions delivers lighting to the entire workshop.


RN Solutions also supplies for industry and other proffesions. Our LED luminaires are waterproof and are protected from corrosion, they are therefore also suitable for the food industry.

We can provide light calculations and offer LED luminaires for any project, also custom-made products in smaller series, produced on our own factory in China.


We also sell to private. Affordably industry quality. Check out our website and see if we have a product that fits your project.

With or without our RNS Plug´N Play ™ system, which anyone can mount.

Construction site

LED-lighting solutions for construction sites


Good lighting onsite is important for an optimal working environment and work performance. RNS construction site light is not dazzling.


Impact-resistant LED luminaires, which are easily connected via the waterproof RNS Plug´N Play ™. Connector systems, which can be mounted by everyone.

Only imagination limits the use of RNS Plug´N Play ™ system.



Approved for animal house environments

Our lighting systems are special-coated against ammonia


PHANTOM Built-In – our new ceiling luminaire, specially made for agriculture and industry, incl. food industry. LED luminaire of the highest quality, for farm buildings and industry. A new and innovative way of integrating the luminaires to the ceiling. The sleek design minimizes the effect on the ventilation and airstream in the building. The LED chips and driver are corrosion protected. Durable and easy to clean – suitable for industry, farm houses and the food industry.

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“We get better light, lower power consumption and fewer maintenance costs compared to other solutions”

Morten Rasmussen
Pig Production Manager at Poldanor

“RN Solutions worklight is the best light we have tried. Smooth and good distribution of light without dazzling. At the same time it is very flexible, durable and easy to set up “

Michael Lund
Lund & Staun